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The Relation




Del Cool /Vocals

Donnie Jones /Guitar, Vocals

Mike Cool /Bass, Vocals

Jan La Croix /Keys

Mark Rigsby /Drums, Vocals

Kevin Twellman /Organ



Here's a note I got from Keyboardist Jan:

I played with "The Relation" throughout the 1970s.  I played keyboards with them.  The origin of the band's name (The Relation) stems from the fact that the lead female vocalist, Del Cool (not mentioned in your posting) is the Mother of Mike Cool.  She performed and booked the band.  Donnie Jones and Mike Cool are cousins (therefore Del is Donnie's aunt).  Besides playing a lot in St. Louis, we also traveled to Illinois and Kansas for larger gigs.  During the 1970s the band consisted of:

Del Cool, vocals
Donnie Jones, guitar and vocals
Mike Cool, bass and vocals
Mark Rigsby, drums and vocals
Jan La Croix, keyboards

I wish I had some pictures or tracks to share with you. but I do not at this time.  As far as I know, Mike and Del still live in the St. Louis area.  Donnie Jones lives in the St. Charles County area.  Mark Rigsby lives and is a parole officer during the day in Illinois.
One anecdote while I was with the group:  Mike's sister, Patty Cool got married to a guy with the last name of Thing.  Her married name became Patty Cool-Thing.

Jan La Croix
Las Vegas, NV







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