The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Rusty Springs

Manchester and Kingshighway

Owners: Ed Atwood RIP and Bob Burkhardt

A Jiffy Lube now stands there!.





Co-owner Ed Atwood


Co-owner Bob Burkhardt

Currently "attending College"

Staff and owners in 1976



Two shots of the Beer Garden




Manager Bob "Flash" Pierce

Bartender John Merrick


Sad news, doorman Daniel Robert Hilkemeyer passed away on July 1 2015






Ed Atwood and Keith Tenny

New Years Eve 1975!




Tom Price




Ed Atwood RIP, Bob "Flash" Pierce and Ron Kissel RIP


The house favorite at Rusty Springs, Mama's Pride!












The staff that parties together STAYS together!




Fernando Fishweenie & Ed (aka Jim Bealer)



Name this bather?



    Jim "Little Guy Syndrome" Kenoy, Ed Atwood RIP and Mike Kimmack relax at Coach Wallach pool in So. County



Bartender Artie Green RIP and Bob




Who's Flashing?

(Doorman Bob Bratchett)



Bubba Lipps

Ed's party house!



Ed's dog Fuzznuts



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Thanks to Declan Barron, Joe Turek, Alan Atwood and Lee Buralli  and especially Bob "Flash" Pierce for the photos!