The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Dave Caito /Vocals

Brad James /Vocals

Rob Miller /Bass

Rick Johnson /Vocals

Marc Gaither /Vocals

Scott Lackey /Vocals

Dave Market /Guitar

Jeff Bartholic /Guitar

Dave Wack /Drums

Mike Waterman /Drums

Ben Lackey /Guitar

Tom Gerke /Guitar

Lamar Pilsing /Vocals

Dennis Roussin /Drums

Ron Roskowske /Guitar




Pete Colombo /Stage Roadie

D J Kent /Sound Engineer

Pete Nasir /Sound Engineer

Tommy Drake /Lighting

Glenn Bramlet /Sound Engineer

Bill Bailey /Lighting and Road Crew

Jim Saller /Sound and Road Crew

Sally Saller /Merchandise

Don Shrader /Road Crew

Paul Picarelli /Road Crew

Richard Dempsey /Sound Engineer





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