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Spirit of St. Louis





Jim Zimmer /Vocals

Jay Marino /Guitar

RIP Johnny Koppe /Drums

Dan Farrell /Bass

Rich Burnley /Trombone

Pete DeLuca /Sax

Bill Keenan /Keys

Mike Bennett /Sax

Charlie Johnson /Sax, Trumpet

Jim Kalbfell /Trumpet


RIP Mike Zimmer /Drums

Tom Ostermueller /Vocals

Ed Kotowski /Drums

Brian Clarke /Bass, Vocals

Al Kramer /Keys

Mike Connell /Trumpet

Ludi Hendrix /Trombone

Steve Schankman /Trumpet

Claude Kauffman /Sax

Joe Rumbolo /Bass, Vocals

Tommy Zuzenak /Bass, Keys,

Terry Toon /Guitar, Vocals

Robby Halmachek /Keys

Joe Turek /Bass, Vocals

Barry Levin /Guitar


Gary Vierheller /Roadie


Listen to : Spirit of St. Louis

Going Back to Miami
 the Terrace Lounge


At a 2008 Reunion, left to right:  Mike Bennett, Pete DeLuca, Ed Kotowski, Dan Ferrell, Jay Marino, Al Kramer



Listen to: Spirit of St. Louis

Wait Until Tomorrow






Here's a live recording of Spirit:

Smiling Faces




Spirit was managed by Music Palace owner Joe Russo


Roadie Gary Vierheller relates this historic tale:

The beginning of the end of my working with Spirit was a gig, I believe was in Springfield at SW Missouri State in the late winter. The very next day I and the second singer Tom (name?? he was in the Spirit photo on stage holding the mike between Jay on the left and Jim Zimmer on the right) were to drive the van with all the instruments, lights, and PA, to Iowa for another gig.

It was heavily snowing with only Interstate 55 and 70 passable and even then the State Police were requesting that people NOT travel. East of Columbia with me driving and only 1 lane open, we hit a patch of ice and wind simultaneously.

The van started to slide sideways with the nose going right. I gently pulled out only to have it go left, down into the median and roll. I went through the windshield and Tom was suspended by his seatbelt.

Both side and back doors sprung open and the tightly packed instruments et. al., were strewn in the median. I only received a cut on my back, upper left shoulder. Tom was uninjured.

Many cars stopped and helped us gather up all the band equipment, we were towed to a truck stop and finally found our way back to St. Louis.



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