The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Lebanon IL

Original owners: Lucas McCain and Ralph Ramer RIP

Manager: Lou Biggs RIP

Later owner: Gerry Gioppo

Burned down in 1989



A converted grain warehouse, Stonehenge ruled the area and at times, the entire region for years. Top local talent and up and coming recording bands as well as the "whatever happened to" bands graced and insulted the stage. At it's peak, 3 full floors were in use with a deli downstairs but most bands used the 4th floor for other pleasures!

The stage was famous for bumped heads (low beams and tiny entrance door, but did not include Baden Rhode) and the house Klipsch Sound System was loved by some and cursed by others!


The Pride of St. Louis AND Lebanon IL!


The great Cheryl Dilcher in concert



Here's a Stonehenge radio spot from days of yore:

Troupe Griffin



Chuck from Boyfriend







A clear view of the stage with "City" posing!



Original co-owner Ralph Ramer RIP



Stonehenge Halloween Party photos




A Full Moon Consort chose to fit all 4 guys on the center section!



Another view of City at Stonehenge (with the big Klipsch mains in the background)



Another Radio Spot:




Griffin in 1978










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Thanks to John Nieman for MP3's, Danny Pace for Calendars