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Street Corner Symphony






Mark Rogers /Drums, Vocals

RIP Rich Amsinger /Bass, Vocals

Charlie Morris /Guitar, Vocals

Bill Montgomery /Bass, Vocals

Tyrone Perry /Sax

Bob Dill /Trumpet

Billy Barnett /Guitars, Vocals

Baby Al Caldwell /Bass

Phil Burton /Bass

RIP Steve Strayhorn /Drums, Vocals

RIP Randy Albert /Vocals, Keys

RIP Jeff  "Doc" Taylor /Keys, Vocals

RIP John Coatney /Drums, Vocals



Danny O'Neil /Sound Tech

Terry "Buzz" Wylie /Lighting





The Late, Great Randy Albert




Watch Streetcorner Symphony live in 1984:


Get Down on That Funky Floor



...and the late, great Steve Strayhorn



The awesome Tyrone

Danny in his Bogie's cubby-hole



Special Guests Pat Liston and Cornell "Pops" Harvey sit in with the band!



Steve Strayhorn

Bob Dill





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Video courtesy Ken Pope