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 The Thee






Connie Fairchild /Vocals

David Hamilton /Keys, Vocals

Steve Fairchild /Bass, Vocals

Jack Crump /Guitar

Rob Sanders /Drums



Howard Soule /Roadie

Alan Eichorn /Roadie








I got this note from The Thee roadie Alan Eichorn:

Hi Greg,

Recently spent time with Jack Crump from the band and also spoke yesterday to David Hamilton. All members doing well. I was one of two people that were roadies for the band moving equipment from venue to venue. Attached is a photo of the band along with Howard Soule (Head Roadie!) and myself. This is before Connie Fairchild joined the group. It was shot in the Union, MO jail. No arrests! Just ended up their after a snow covered gig. (photo below)





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