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Ray Schulte /Guitar, Vocals

Jerry Jay Schulte /Guitar, Vocals

Dan Condi /Drums

RIP Paulette Butts /Vocals

Bob Schneider /Vocals

Jan Marks /Vocals

Ovid Bilderbeck /Drums

Bob Schultz /Guitar, Vocals

Eric Salas /Drums

RIP Chuck Sabatino /Keys, Vocals

RIP Tom Roady /Drums

Ed Jenny /Guitar, Vocals

Pam Wilcox /Vocals

Gordon Bland /Guitar, Vocals

Frankie Runge /Vocals

Eric Salas /Drums

Royal Robbins /Harpsichord, Vocals

RIP Danny Prosser /Guitar, Vocals

David Surkamp /Guitar, Vocal








Listen to Touch:

Round Trip

Cinema 6904




Jerry Schulte

Ray Schulte






Another Album Track:






Here's a very Psychedelic Touch version of a Doors song:


Light My Fire



Ovid Bilderback


Bob and Ray, 1969



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