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Walter Scott

Walter Scott and the Cheaters

Walter Scott and the Guise




Born: Walter Notheis Jr.

February 7, 1943 December 28, 1983




Listen to - Walter Scott:

Just You Wait

White Whale 259



Some of Walter's Great Sidemen:


Frank Partney /Guitar

Buddy Kyle /Bass

RIP Dale Briggs /Drums, Vocals

Ed Eckert /Keys

RIP Gary Smyth /Keys, Vocals

Denny Denman /Keys

Nolan Wallace /Bass

Brenda Wells /Vocals

RIP Frank Butera /Keys, Bass, Vocals

Tom Geil Phillips /Bass

Dave Wilkerson /Guitar

Dave Kantner /Drums

Al Crowe /Drums

RIP Skip Weisser /Trombone

John Melo /Trumpet

Rocco Carluccie /Trumpet



Walter Visits KXOK and popular DJ Johnny Rabbitt


Walter and The Cheaters



Listen to Walter Scott:

On Broadway

Musicland U S A  115-B



Here's Walter's back-up band live in '77:

Old Fashioned Feeling








"Just You Wait" on the charts at # 17





Listen to Walter's biggest hit, with Bob Kuban and the In-Men:

The Cheater



Walter performs at the 1967 KXOK Fun Fair





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