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Bill Lynch /Guitar, Vocals

Bud Giacolone /Drums

Roy Hessling /Keys, Vocals

Roger Hessling /Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Gus Schoenberg /Drums

RIP Jodi Brumagin /Vocals

Marsha Lynch /Vocals

Sandee Guidry /Vocals

RIP Greg Guidry /Vocals

Michael McDonald /Vocals

Rita Beermann Fuhrmann /Vocals

Gary Ritter /Guitar, Vocals

Bert Dunn /Guitar, Vocals

Leslie McConnell /Vocals

Scot Talent /Drums

Chuck Alexander /Bass

Jim Leisure /Guitar

Tom Struharik /Bass

Jackie McKay /Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Mark Barlos /Bass, Vocals

Leroy Huff /Bass, Vocals

Tom Sharp /Guitar, Vocals



The Younger brothers held the "house band" gig on Admiral's 4th Deck for 6 years!










Live at Scott AFB

2009 Reunion at Casa Loma



 Ted Koplar's Chevala Phase III




Greg and Sandy Guidry




Younger Brothers reunion at Darwin Seidel Benefit at Casa Loma in 2004




Roger and Bill are still gigging together today! Find out where at:


The Brothers with Bob Kuban at the Admiral Book signing!





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Photos courtesy and William Lynch