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The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society

Local Live Music in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's

A Who's Who, Where's Where and When's When of the

Golden Age of St. Louis Rock and Roll Bands, Clubs, Agents,

Radio and Fans.




We had a lot of Internet provider issues during Covid but we're back now with more frequent updates!!

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Radio/D J's

Fans and Misc.


Where Are They Now?

Who Are These Guys?

Memorable Concerts




I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone that contributed, both knowingly and unknowingly. An undertaking like this may never be complete and is a living, breathing work in progress. I apologize upfront for photos that were used but not credited...just drop me a line and I'll happily add the credit!

I ask anyone with info on any band or club herein to contact me and leave your info, photo or MP3/Video. The same is true for mistakes and omissions. There are countless bands and clubs that we didn't think of. I will happily add omitted bands, musicians, clubs or whatever! Just be sure they are within the timeframe

Fans and friends, please send me your photos of nights out at these clubs with these bands and your circle of friends. Be sure to include a caption with names.

Contact me at and send input to: