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C K Thunder









Some GREAT original material circa 1971:

A Coupon of Mind







...and here's another one:

Let the Fightin' Begin

Chuck Kiel /Guitars, Vocals

Steve "Cannons"  Munari /Drums

Jack Davidson /Bass

Geoff Meyer /Vocals

Steve Campenella /Vocals

Steven Hoffstetter Bliss /Bass

Dennis Frentzel /Drums

Ted Oliver /Keys

RIP Sean Morrison /Bass

Marvin Johnson /Vocals

Bill Safron /Drums

Lou Manganello /Vocals

Carla Emrich /Vocals

Mary Karleskint /Vocals

Shannon Clark /Vocals

RIP Lary Slusser /Bass

Steven Cherry /Drums

Brian Stolarski /Vocals, Percussion


The Great Jack Davidson!


Steve "Cannons" Munari



Chuck performs at The Bull Island Rock Festival



2 shots of a young Steve Munari, still innocent of Rock & Roll's temptations!







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MP3's courtesy John Lucz; Photos from Steve Munari and Chuck Kiel