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Jorge Mabarak /Piano

Paco Rocher /Vocals

Ed Kotowski /Drums

Larry "Denny" Denman /Organ, Pedal Bass

RIP Gary Smyth /Keys


I got some interesting updates from Ed:

I talked to Jorge Mabarak last week on the phone.   Jorge has a 600 student music school in Vera Cruz, Mexico.   MBK Escuela de Musica.   The website is   Jorge’s FaceBook page has several videos of him playing.

Paco Rocher lives in Tijuana and is still singing.  

Larry Denman eventually ended up in Las Vegas and performed as Elton John.


Caliente played at the Playboy Club on Lindell, the Steeplechase Lounge at the Chase, and The Lodge of the Four Seasons.




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