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Coldwater Creek Band




Ray 'Butch' Dees /Guitar, Vocals

Gary Reed /Guitar, Vocals

Marty Tavegia /Drums

Marla Voegler /Vocals

Dave Hattina /Keyboards, Drums

Jim Duey /Bass & Recollections


Doug Luter / Manager, Landlord


Here's the Coldwater Creek story as told by Jim Duey:

When I met Dave, he was homesteading/squatting in an old vacant farmhouse in north county. I think the locals called it the Coldwater Creek farmhouse. Dave managed to get electricity and water to the building and used space heaters & hair dryers to try to keep it warm. I had only been playing bass for a couple of months when I was invited to a rehearsal with the 'house band'.

Butch, Gary, Marla and Marty had played together in teen bands and got back together when Gary got out of the Army. Everyone was very patient with me as I learned their songs....and I learned how to play the bass. I was in a band!
We all had big Acoustic amps, Gibson guitars and were incredibly loud. We played & rehearsed at the farm for about a year until a nearby subdivision expanded and the house was torn down. Doug had a real job and rented a house in Berkeley, so we moved there.

We played some private parties, park & recreation/college concerts, teen clubs (and one disastrous wedding reception) but our music wasn't commercial or disciplined enough for steady work. We did play a gig at a hall that was previously called The Castaway Club. One of the guys who helped set up told us The Hourglass had worked there. We thought that being on the same stage as the Allman Brothers was pretty cosmic and sure sign that we were on our way to a recording career. I guess we misread the cosmos that evening. I eventually left the band, joined the Musicians Local in Alton and was placed in a working band within a couple of weeks. Guess the musical gods have always taken pity on me.

Sorry for any mangled names & spelling errors. I'm sure there were other members of CWC before and after me.... I hope they got as much out of the band as I did.


Jim Duey



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