The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society




formerly known as

Tinley Park






Ben Fowler /Vocals, Perc

John Mondin /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Mike Light /Drums, Keys, Vocals

Steve Cline /Guitar

Bob Johnson /Drums

Harvey Young /Bass

Bucky Hord /Trombone

Larry Vandiver /Drums

Paul Williams /Trombone, Guitar, perc., Vocals

Darrell Hibbs /Trumpet, Perc.

RIP Bob Bloomer /Bass, Vocals

Dean Gramlich /Bass

Ed Kriege /Drums

Kim Taulbee /Trombone, Guitar, Vocals

Cash Killion /Bass

John Clarice /Drums

Gary Thompson /Vocals

Ron Fowler /Bass

Danny Pace /Bass

Loren Berry /Drums

RIP Milas Cyprian /Drums

Tim Clotfelter /Keys, Vocals

Craig Boehme /Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Synthesizer



Scott Likes /Drums

Dan Kaufmann /Drums

Bruce Baise /Guitar

Randy Knight /Vocals

RIP Mark Moore /Guitar

RIP Jeff Hunter /Keys, Vocals

Lou Prost /Bass

Paul Motika /Guitar, Vocals

Rick Green /Vocals




 RIP Terry "T" Weinman /Sound

Ronnie Fowler /Lights

Phil Taylor /Sound



Here are a couple of Crosswind original compositions:


Long Way to Nowhere


Run for Cover






Here's an original from the earliest version of Crosswind:

Home Leaver






...and here are 2 more Crosswind originals:


Give Me Everything


Have You Learned Better















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