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This was a Peoria IL band that enjoyed a lot of Metro east success







Eargazm released an album in 1981 on Earresistable Records


Peter Parkhurst /Guitar, Vocals

Roger Anderson /Keys

Randy Nelson /Guitar, Vocals

Mark Killion /Bass, Vocals

K. P. West /Drums

RIP D. T. Stanton /Drums, Vocals





Here's a GREAT cut from the Album:



Move My Lady








Here's one more Eargazm Album cut from '81:



Love Tonight



I recieved a post from D T's nephew, Kris Stanton:

My name is Kris Stanton.  I am from Peoria, Illinois and I found your website today.

I'm not sure if my last name will give it away but the drummer from Eargazm, D.T. Stanton was my uncle.

I was 12 years old when he passed away from leukemia in September 1992.

D.T. Stanton lived in Bettendorf, Iowa when I was growing up so I was not able to really see him very often.

I do remember going up to see him when he was fighting cancer.  We were at the hospital in Iowa City (I think...Not sure) and the Dr. came by to check his blood pressure.  He looked at me and started to puff up his cheeks and open his eyes wide like the Dr. was doing it to him.  I remember laughing and when the Dr. stopped, he exhaled and told the Dr. that he almost died.  The Dr. looked at him and said "I can do it again for a little bit longer if you would like." and we all laughed.

I attached a picture to prove I'm not just messing with you.  It's from 1988-1990...Somewhere in that area.

I would wish it wasn't made public as it's a family picture taken at our home in Peoria.

From left-Aunt Vicky, Aunt Tina, Uncle D.T., Grandpa, John (My Father), Grandma, Aunt Jessica.

Uncle D.T., Grandpa, and grandma are all now passed but my father and all 3 sisters are alive.

Monday I took my father to eat in Davenport, Iowa and we talked about my Uncle.  That is what made me find this website.  I wanted to see what was said about him.

My Uncle D.T. has a son currently living in Florida.  he's married with a couple of children and seems to be enjoying life.  His name is Derick.

Anyways, it was nice to see the site. 


Kris Stanton






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