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Mike Kleinhoffer /Vocals

John Kleinhoffer /Drums, Vocals

Steve Cannell /Keys, Guitar, Vocals

RIP Mike Hough /Keys, Vocals

RIP Karl Rau /Bass

Dave Zobrist /Guitar, Vocals

Gary Gnaediger /Bass

Kurt Moehle /Bass

Paul Zahn /Guitar

Dan Scott /Guitar

Gavin Grace /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Michael Beal /Keys, Vocals

Craig Reno /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Phil Fisher /Drums

Paul Light /Bass, Vocals

Robin Knuckles /Guitar, Vocals

Pat Cluck /Bass, Vocals


Jimmy Scott /Sound





FYI, Effic has 2 CD's out and is currently working on their 3rd:

Donít Pinch Me Iím Dreaming in 2009 and The Scenic Route in 2012    info at


Watch Effic at Danny Prosser Benefit, 2008:


Walk Away



Here's Effic live in 1975 in Danville IL doing Queen:

Keep Yourself Alive





Follow this link to videos of the 2018 Effic live show:











Effic and the Kleinhoffer Bros are still gigging today, track them at:



If you have any info about, or photos or recordings of this band, PLEASE email me at:

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