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The Gary Hall Group





RIP Gary Hall /Lead Vocals, Drums

Bill Douglas /Guitar

RIP Dave Whiteside /Bass

Jim Brown /Trombone

RIP Hank Spitzer /Bass

Bill Smith /Keys

RIP Gary "Stix" Maxwell /Drums

David Jones /Bass

Pete Bily /Trumpet

Jule Boyer /Trumpet

Cheryl Petrak /Drums

RIP Billy Clark /Guitar

Joanie Mowery /Vocals

RIP Rod Lehr /Keys

RIP Larry Kaemmerer /Trumpet

Larry Barnett /Sax

Ron Wooley /Guitar

And featuring:

Top Kat and the Kittens

Becky Grubbs

Valerie Kearney

Mary Birke






Jule Boyer and Billy Clark RIP



Here's a memory from Michele Conroy:

Hi I came across your website today because I use to know Gary Hall and the Top Kats and The Kittens. I can see from the other pictures that Gary had different groups though the years. I met them in 75 and knew them for a few years. They use to perform at a place in Palos Hills IL and I traveled to Springfield, Il to see them and outside of St. Louis and they were breaking up because Gary was doing a picture with Burt Lancaster I don't know if it ever happened. I was friends with  the bass player David Jones he stay at my place for a week when they played Palos. It was great finding your site a little blast from the past. Sorry I went on so long. I loved the group they were so talented. Thanks again. My name is Michele.







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Thanks to Larry Kaemmerer, Cheryl Petrak and Tim Neely