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Gayle McCormick and the Klassmen

Steve Cummings and the Klassmen

Bobby Medley and the Klassmen




Gayle and the Klassmen at The Bat Cave


RIP Gayle McCormick /Vocals

RIP Bobby Medley /Vocals

Mel Liebach /Vocals

Steve Cummings /Drums

Blake Fouts /Keys

Pat Graney /Sax

Tommy Davis /Keys

Dale Massey /Bass

Bob Durrwachter /Guitar

Ron Bitza /Trumpet

Vic Burnley /Sax

Jimmy Koerber /Sax

Clyde Kauffman /Sa

Jeff Mitchell /Keys

Mike Pline /Guitar

Rich Rudolph /Guitar

Susan Guidry /Vocals


RIP Ernie Cummings /Manager

Tom Everson /Equip. Manager


Wet & Wild Party at Chain of Rocks Park

Gayle in the Bat Cave


Watch a video of Gayle and The Klassmen from the 60's:


Wonderous Time








Rocking at Club Imperial



Performing on The Charlotte Peters Show in 1967


The Godfather James Brown plays for Bobby and Steve!


Bob D. and Bob M.


A COOL 1968 photo of Ron Glazer's Bar Mitzvah with The Klassmen providing entertainment!


A High School photo of Gail with an "oh so true" caption!






Patty Sands, Bobby Medley, Steve Cummings and Gayle McCormick


Backstage at Batcave, l to r, Ernie Cummings, Steve Cummings, Sam The Sham, Bob Durrwachter

and Tom Everson


Bobby Medley and Steve Cummings

Bobby Medley



Gayle and Steve with Jonnie King



Listen To Gayle and the Klassmen:

Without You

Musicland U S A 20.016


Gayle above, and The Klassmen below, at the 1967 KXOK Fun Fair





Gayle's greatest success came with Smith in the 70's and a cover of a Burt Bacharach song


Watch live video of Smith with Gayle:

Baby It's You



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Photos courtesy Robert Durrwachter, Jonnie King and Steve Cummings