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The Impacts

aka The Sensations



Bob Matula /Bass

Rick Kinest /Guitar

Harry Reid /Sax

Bruce Paffett /Trombone, Sax

Don Frank /Sax

Tim Stouse /Keys

John Gillick /Drums

Bishop McNeil /Vocals

Kenny Lane /Vocals

Sonny Lane /Vocals

Horise O'Toole /Vocals

Steve Aubuchon /Trumpet

Gary "Records" Brown /Keys

Gary Lubess /Trumpet

Virgil Quiller /Drums

Tom Love /Vocals

Bill Williamson /?





I got this note from Bob Matula on 8/14/11:

The Impacts existed from 1964 to about 1970. All of the guys were from south St Louis and the singers were from central city

This band won the local contest "Search 66" ( downtown St Louis ) and went to the nationals at Navy Pier in Chicago (2nd Place)

The Impact singers recorded "Jerkin' in Your Seat" in about 1967. I believe it went to 22 on the KATZ music charts.


...and here's that Great Impacts record:

Jerkin' in your Seat


Here's the KATZ chart with The Impacts at #22



Here's a rough live recording of The Impacts at a teen dance:

Ride Captain Ride/Magic Carpet Ride



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Thanks to Bob Matula and Tim Stouse