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Jeff contacted me on 8/1/10 and had this to say:

Tell the troupes I am still in Southern California, and I got my BA and MA here!  I am teaching at (of all places) Star View School!  Michelle Pfieffer is one of our distinguished alumni.
    I don't book bands, but I write music-the school song- and some plays, and I am very happy being a nobody helping young children in 5th grade.
    For reminiscing, I'll send you some better stuff than you have published.  After all, I "discovered" Ralph Butler, booked his band, We The People, Those Guys (another Ralph thing), Adrastus, Mama's Pride (saw Danny Liston in church two years ago), Zazz, Island, Gabriel, Whitehorse, Red Dog, White Star Line, (the group that sank the Admiral!), Steppin' Out, Scarlet McCall, E.Z. Money, Fury, Carol Kelly (and her many incarnations) and let's not forget "Johnny London" (Marvin Johnson) talented, but the biggest disgrace to the music business I ever met in my 30 years!  So, just don't sell me short in that part of my life!  We, Paul Graznak, Jim Bland, and I had the town sowed up!  I doubt anyone would argue that!  So here's to ALL those wonderful bands (sorry if I missed a few) and Chuck Berry who drove me insane, Mitch Ryder, who made me feel good, and particularly Bo Diddley who had "music business class."  And, especially Tina Turner, who sweat  on me a couple of times and was a real class act.  God bless them all.  I had a great "go round!" and I wouldn't change a thing! (except some of Chuck's silliness)



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