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Jimmy Lee and the Joint Jumpers





RIP Jimmy Lee Kennett /Guitar, Vocals

Greg Edick /Bass

Jeff Myers /Drums



Here's a nice memory from Paul Wilson:

Remember seeing these guys several times at the “Hidden Cove”

on Page in Overland in the 1985 to 1990 range..It was a real small

place but it was hoppin..


They were covering Pat Travers and Stevie Ray Vaughn most of the time.


Jimmy could really play that axe...One night they turned it up

and played Snortin Whiskey by Pat Travers.. I swear I thought

the front windows of the place were going to get blown out and

end up in the parking lot...  Even though it was loud they hit every note

and it sounded REAL GOOD....made my ears ring later but it was

worth it.


Paul Wilson

St Charles, MO.



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