The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society






Steve Rosen at the Console



Lee Coffee

The Musical Pumpkin

"Radio" Rich Dalton

Shelly Grafman

Ron Lipe

"Prince Knight"

John Ulett


Full staff in 1969


CBS White House Correspondent for 25 years, Peter Maer began his career at KSHE


The good ol' days...when local radio supported local talent!


The one and only "groove lamp"



Three pics of Ross Gentile, KSHE alum that became

Midwest Promotion Directoe for A&M Records.

Ross with Peter Frampton


Ross personally signed Head East. Ross was also brother in law

of Mama's Pride's Joe Turek!



"Sir Ed" Rickert

Bob Burch



I got this internal 1979 "rotation" document from Joy Christiansen, of the popular "Joy in the Morning" show.



An aerial view of KSHE and her 750' tower







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Also thanks to William Greenblatt, Jerry Cook, Gretchen Walker and Steve Rosen for photos