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Loretto Hilton Theater

130 Edgar Road, Webster Groves MO



In 1970 Todd Kromer, co-owner of The Rainy Daze Club, promoted a summer of

concerts at this beautiful venue!



The MC5 at Loretto Hilton

This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite rock and roll photos and it appeared inside MC5's "High Time" LP. First and foremost...I WAS THERE! Secondly, Rush opened the show and then the Five borrowed Gene Edlen's Marshalls (you can just see RUSH on the top of the center stack head!) Most MC5 shows ended like this with fans crawling all over the stage...the band encouraged it! This photo was taken by Steve Fairchild of The Thee...Connie's brother!

A GREAT night in my life!


A hand-signed handbill to Todd, signed by 4 of the 5 including Fred "Sonic" Smith!



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