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Mississippi River Festival

SIU-E Campus, Edwardsville IL















Grateful Dead




The crowds were shocked and delighted when Bob Dylan made an un-announced visit with The Band!




One of the once mighty tent poles lies now overcome by nature...




The Bluff Holiday Inn...virtually all of the artists stayed in this motel!



Here's a Great MRF story from Mary Kaye Leach about the posters above:

What I have is a flyer for the Ozark Mountain Daredevils when they appeared at MRF.  Unfortunately it is not dated but on the back are the autographs of Jimmy Buffett, Fingers Taylor, Tim Krekel and Harry Dailey.  You see, I knew of the Daredevils, but I was a Parrot Head from the early days.  The manager of the Daredevils approached me and offered coveted tent seats to me and my cousin, and while we were thrilled, what I REALLY wanted was to meet Jimmy Buffett.  Well, in the day there was NO security so we just meandered to the back of the tent after the show and there they were…  The Coral Reefer Band.  We were invited to the Holiday Inn in Collinsville where the band was staying.  Of course we went as fast as our car could get us there, and in the lobby the Reefer band sat at tables in the lounge area and sang and strummed for us!  So that’s my story.     




Mary Kay Leach






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