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Magna Crunch




Jim Stonebreaker /Guitar, Vocals

Steve Burns /Keys, Vocals

Jim Cunningham /Keys, Sax, Flute, Vocals

Gene Parker /Lead Vocals, Guitar

Gary Diel /Bass, Vocals

Steve "Heimer" Winter /Drums, Hair




I've attached some shots of Magna Crunch circa 1971-72. All St.Louis guys. You may recognize Steve Burns (he was in the Good Feelin').

Magna Crunch circa 1971-72.

Our focus was on original material (thanks Frank Zappa), classic soul, blues & contemporary covers.

The picture in front of the Ye Olde Music sign shows us in outfits we wore a couple of times for sets when we played our original material. Red dyed shirts & matching long underwear with each guy wearing a different letter on their chest.

When we started our original set, we marched onto the stage & spelled out "Crunch".

Since we had a lot of original material we opened for Alice Cooper, Fanny (all girl band), 5 Man Electrical Band (one hit wonder "Signs, Signs"), Tucky Buzzard (Brittish hair band) from what I can remember.

Steve "Heimer" Winter




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