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Pat Liston /Vocals, Guitars, Organ

Danny Liston /Vocals, Guitars

Mike Gordon /Drums

Gary Bourgeois /Bass

Max Baker /Guitars, Vocals

Joe Turek /Bass, Vocals

Kevin Sanders /Drums, Vocals

RIP Frank Gagliano /Keys

Dickie Steltenpohl /Bass, Vocals

Tom Denman /Keys

Paul Willett /Keys

Jeff Schmidt /Keys

Jim Vogts /Keys



Art Reel /Sound

Keith King /Crew

Jack Dedert /Sound

Roger Elmore /Lights

Jerry Kovac /Stage

Tim McMahon /Stage

Ed "Bucky" Burch /Stage

David Cloud /Road Manager




Listen to Mamas Pride:

Blue Mist

From the debut album








Awesome photo; Mama's Pride after signing with Visionary legend Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records!


Watch Mama's Pride Un-plugged at The Sheldon in 1990:

Starting All Over Again




Joe with Jim Mason, producer of the second album, "Uptown and Lowdown"

Max, Danny and Dickie at the Bastille




Oh, those 80's!


They couldn't have done it without the help and endless promotion of KSHE




Above, Below and Right, here a 4 photos taken at Collinsville Park by Amelia McCoy of Mama's Pride, during the time they were Gregg Allman's back-up band!






Here's an article from Circus Magazine on The Pride



Mamas Pride perform at Southwest High School




Here's the Pride on NYE at Rusty Springs.



Tim McMahon



My pal Joe at Rusty Springs and again at Southwest High School







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photos courtesy, Zband .com Bob Pierce and Pat Liston                         

Video Courtesy Rod Sherrell