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Maurine Hartman

Manager/agent for The Aerovons




Here's info on Maurine from Tom Hartman of The Aerovons:

It was only a couple years later that my Mother had my band, The Aerovons, recording at EMI Studios. I would certainly vote for Maurine Hartman to be on the "Artists/Management" page. She amazed everyone with getting my band booked at all the top clubs in St Louis at the time, at Kiel Auditorium with the Temptations, and even a 7th inning stretch appearance at Busch Stadium. She urged us to do a demo, which she took to London and used to get us signed to EMI.

She passed away about 16 years ago. When kids would come to watch The Aerovons practice, they'd soon leave and I'd find them upstairs in our house, talking with my Mom. She was popular with all my friends, and was an amazing business woman, and Mom, of course




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