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RIP Dave Young /Lead Vocals

Phil Young /Guitar

Paul Jarvis /Drums, Vocals

RIP Craig MacPherson /Keys

John Kmucha /Guitar

Paul Taylor Durland /Guitar

Jim Delmano /Keys

Larry Roe /Bass

Rick Worms /Guitar, Vocals

Bob Werner /Keys

Gary Widows /Bass

Mark Hendrickson /Guitar, Vocals

RIP John Huff /Bass

Kevin Martin /Bass



Phillip "Mic" Leone

Bob Kuhlman



Taylor, Paul and Medusa van



Here are some live cuts by Medusa:


Midnight Rendezvous


Rockin' Into the Night




Dave and Pam Young...RIP

Craig MacPherson...RIP




Here are 2 more live tracks:


The Boys are Back in Town


Rock and Roll Never Forgets







Roadie Phil sits in at Collinsville Park...




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