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The Mods


The Thickett







Mike Watkins /Guitar

Darrell Skeeters /Guitar

Mike "Tex"  Dixson /Bass

Mike Finney /Drums



I got this note from Michael Finney:

Greetings! Michael Finney here! Very cool to see this sight, I will provide what info I can. We stuck together all through 1969, then started drifting apart our senior year of high school ( Lindbergh) . Daryl Skeeters was a GREAT guitarist, and went to work for Arrow Memphis, and eventually went to work with Crystal Gayle. Mike Watkins left music for a long career in the restaurant business. I became a chef to fill in, also in the wine business, and a building inspector, but stayed active as a blues and jazz drummer in Kansas City and St Louis. Mike Dixon attended UMO Rolla and became a geophysicist






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