The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society




Starlight Ballroom/Music Palace

Called Night Moves at the end

9765 St. Charles Rock Road

Owner: Joe Russo




Free Enterprise onstage at The Music Palace


The Chevels featuring Gayle McCormick at the Starlight!


Here's a 1969 Radio Spot for Music Palace:

Rotary Connection



Great shot of Music Palace interior with Midwest Rock Ensemble on stage



Jay Barry...mid 60's



A rare exterior shot with The Chevels!





Bob Kuban and the In-Men at The Starlight Ballroom


Owner/Operator Joe Russo



I'll always remember the way Joe would tell you to turn down, he would walk past the front edge of the stage,

not looking at the band but with his fingers in his ears!

                                                                                                                                                                Greg Bishop




Midwest Rock Ensemble again showing off the colorful Music Palace Backdrop!

Note: The original black and white backdrop was painted by Vocalist Tom Ostermueller!



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Thanks to Tim Neely