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Listen to the original Nickels live, mid 70's:

You Better Think Twice




Frank Palliser /Bass, Guitar, Flute, Keys, Vocals

Rocky Pirrello /Keys, Pedal Steel, Vocals

RIP Chas Droste /Guitar, Pedal Steel, Vocals

Chuck (Horer) Wade / Guitar, Flute, Sax, Vocals

Tom Hoffman /Drums, Vocals

Mike Erhardt /Drums

Mark Evans /Drums

Dan VanDuyne /Drums, Guitar, Vocals

C J Summerfield /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Danny Hommes /Drums

Chuck Bonano /Bass

Gordon Montgomery /Vocals




Perry Thebeau /Guitar, Vocals

Louis Michael /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Charlie Dalba /Drums

Gary Schilling /Keys, Guitar, Harp, Vocals

Myles Kelly /Keys, Guitar

Terry Dugger /Drums, Vocals

Mark Evans /Drums, Vocals

Carol Kelly /Vocals

Leroy Huff /Guitar, Bass, Vocals



Keith Hinshaw /Guitar, Vocals

John Ross /Bass

Scott Neinhaus /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Chris Cassamento /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

John Polizzi /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Rich Halamicek Keys, Vocals

Ron Sallee /Guitar, Vocals

Kirk Duff /Bass

Jimi Moore /Guitar

Rich Dalton /Guitar, Vocals

Athena Chappel /Vocals

Jim "Oscar" Tenent /Keys






Larry Boster /Lighting

Glen Boster /Stage

Tom Palliser /Sound

Dave Clements /Stage

Bill "Woodsey" Janis /Lighting

Jimmy "Don't Go" Eagan /Sound

Ray Beck /Lighting

Mike "Moses" Beck /Sound

Chris "Frenchie" Legates /Lighting











This is the earliest known photo of Nickels


Here's a GREAT live video from Nickels from 1984:

She's a Screamer





Listen to Nickels Live, late 70's:

Born to Run











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Photos and MP3's courtesy Frank Palliser; Video Chuck Dalba