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Night Train

House band at The Skuttlebutt Lounge in Augustine's, Belleville








Scott Jenkins /Keys, Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Vocals

Kevin Karrigan /Trumpet, Flute, Keys, Bass, Perc., Vocals

Jack "Gonzo" Gonzales /Sax

Jeff Weckman /Drums

Dennis "Honker" Kern /Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Vocals

Connie Kelly /Vocals

Gwen Goforth /Vocals

Carol Rainbolt /Vocals

RIP John Kelly /Sax

David Trout /Drums

Richard Sprengeler / Trombone

Matt Spears /Guitar, Trombone, Bass, Vocals

Steve Westlund /Drums

John Geudmestadt /Guitar, Vocals

Keith South /Sax, Vocals

Mark Biehl /Sax, Flute, Guitar, Perc., Vocals

David Glauber /Guitar, Vocals

Randy Miller /Guitar, Vocals

Mike Godwin /Guitar, Vocals

Kent "Fish Head" Kidwell /Drums

Becky Shook /Vocals

Lyndon Sickmeyer /Guitar, Vocals



Mark Peterson /Sound, Lights

Doug Bridges /Sound

Brad Main /Sound

John Hoertel /Sound

RIP Justin Howell /Sound

Kevin Wicks /Lights









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