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The XL's

Patti and the XL'S





Patti Friedman /Vocals

Gary Beckham /Vocals RIP

Mike Stewart /Bass RIP

Mike Holt /Guitar

John Rose /Drums

Jerry Arana /Drums

Dick Weis /Keys

John Elliott /Keys

Randy Stevens /Drums

Doug Rayburn /Bass

Ron Beckham /Guitar RIP


Gary and Ron Beckham in the studio



Listen to - Patti and the XL'S:

After the Laughter Came the Tears

Dot 16849







Listen to The XL's:


White Whale 247



The X L's, without Patti, charted again with "Wheels" in

1967, all theway to #7




Another very cool X L's track:

We Must Find a Way






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Thanks to Ken Friedman for "Wheels", Phil Fitzgerald for "After the Laughter" and Ron Beckham for photos