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Jay Marino /Guitar, Vocals

John Lucz /Bass, Vocals

Geoff Meyer /Vocals

RIP Ted Mayer /Sax

Dennis Frentzel /Drums

Eric Farmer /Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Orest Cymbala /Bass, Vocals

Greg Bishop /Drums, Vocals

Roscoe ? /Trombone

RIP Gary Wallace /Trumpet

Steve Hoffstetter Bliss /Bass

Mary Karleskint /Vocals

Joe Garnier /Keys, Vocals

RIP Terry Toon /Vocals

Tom Geil Phillips /Bass

RIP Tony Saputo /Drums, Vocals

Ashley Underwood /Keys, Vocals

RIP Russ Tinnon /Bass, Vocals

Charlie Boehme /Vocals





Here's some great live audio of the original Powerhouse:

Live at The Image in 1976




Here are some nice memories from vocalist Mary Karleskint:

Greg was a rock solid drummer with a very nice voice, not just for background vocals, but for lead singing, too! In Powerhouse, Greg did a killer rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Greg was also one of the first drummers in the area to add a Gong to his kit. Steve Hoffstetter was our accomplished bassist. Not only could Steve play bass in the traditional way, he had mastered popping and slapping and practiced religiously to artists such as Stanley Clarke. Jay Marino's most memorable cover was of Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around and Fell in Love." Jay had the vocals and the bluesy guitar solos down perfectly. Powerhouse had several different keyboard players, but the band's original keyboard player, Eric Farmer, did a beautiful job on his renditions of the Eagles' "One of these Nights" and "Best of My Love." When I was a member of Powerhouse, some of my personal favorites to sing were Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia" and "Still the One" by Orleans. We worked 5 or more nights a week, making good money for those days. Some of my best memories are of the days I sang with Powerhouse.



Powerhouse at Ziggy's








Powerhouse at Ziggy's





This was actually the trimmed down first version of my Powerhouse term. We had a 2 pc. horn section and played one 2 week out-of-town gig when Jay announced that he'd fired the horns and took the house gig at Club Marlborough.



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