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Dave Watkins /Guitar, Vocals

Joe Weir /Bass, Vocals

Jeff  Wakelam /Keys, Guitar

Jerry Wakelam /Drums




...a short bio from Joe Weir:

Named after the fictional manager of The Partridge Family, Reuben Kincade was a half-90’s Alternative Rock/ half Disco cover band that played the local bar circuit with style from about ’96 to about ’98. Their shtick was smiley faces. They were covered in them, they were all over the stage, the place was always sick with smiley-pox. Variety was definitely their thing, as they would rock out on "Everlong” and then turn around and do “Roller Coaster”. They regularly performed at Wicks and The Trainwreck Saloon on Laclede’s Landing, and the house was always packed with dancing rockers. Lead guitarist and Lead vocalist Dave Watkins can now be found playing around town in his act “Dave and Them”, which features Dave & an ever-revolving lineup of other St. Louis musicians. Bassist Joe Weir just released a solo progressive metal album called “Negotio Infecto” (available on iTunes), and keyboardist/guitarist Jeff Wakelam presently plays in “Chasing Amy”. Whereabouts of his brother Jerry who played drums are uncertain.





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