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Ron Furr

A Touch of Elvis





Ron Furr /Vocals

Mike Karpowicz /Keys, Sax, Vocals

RIP Greg Orman /Bass

RIP Bill "Smitty" Smith /Keys

Gabie McGarrah /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Jeff Newman /Bass, Vocals

Tony Arnett /Keys, Vocals

Joe Weber /Drums

Bill Lynch /Guitar

Mike Fallert /Keys

Lonnie Garcia /Bass, Vocals

Pat McDermott /Drums

Tom Herd /Bass

Albert Hunter /Bari Sax

RIP Dan Welte /Trumpet

Blaise Buchanan /Sax

Rich Wilfong /Trombone

Manny Saldana /Bass

Kevin Raucher /Trumpet

Marie Delores /Vocals

Rick Haydon /Guitar, Vocals

Larry VanDiver /Drums

John Michalisic /Keys, Vocals




Listen to Ron Furrer

My Way

Furrer-Dederich Prod TS-77-892A




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