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Shadows Soul Revue


The Fontelles Trio


The Tres Bon-Aires






The Shadows Soul Revue:

Denny Lawler /Vocals

Mark Rogers /Drums, Vocals

Jim Knight /Guitar

Denny Preis /Bass

Neil Flynn /Keys

Dan Flynn /Bass

Jim Signaigo /Trumpet

Jim Sisk /Trumpet

Frank DeGuire /Trumpet

Jerry Signaigo /Alto Sax

George Bunk /Tenor Sax

Chuck Phillips /Trombone

John Grone /Trombone


The Fontelles Trio:


Ava Lang

Gloria Henderson

Donna Herron

The Tres Bon Aires:

Gary Mack

James Morgan

Maurice Williams

Anthony Jenkins




Joe Farace /Sound

Francis Flynn /Manager

Sanford Covington /Mentor, Announcer






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