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aka Full Sail and The Reason

This band alternated between the road and St. Louis between 1973 -1980. During in-town stints they were often house band at The Rainbow Lounge and The Aerospace Lounge.




Stan Eto /Guitar, Vocals

Doug Rayfield /Drums

Bob Horridge /Keys

RIP Rondo Leewright /Vocals

Gene Dauster /Bass, Vocals

Donna Christian /Vocals

Ken Schilling /Keys

Mike Barada /Guitar,Vocals


Jim Payne /Keys, Vocals

Mary Dooley /Vocals

Charlie Tomlin /Guitar, Vocals

John Giaimo /Guitar, Vocals

Annette Frey /Vocals

Tom Scott /Keys, Vocals

RIP Allen Firebaugh /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Lace Haig /Keys, Vocals

Jimi Moore /Guitar

Bobby Burnette /Guitar

Kim Hendricks /Drums


Mike Brown /Keys

Rich Moore /Drums

Terry Fields /Drums

Mike Walker /Drums

Mike Hamilton /Keys, Vocals

Gary Stevenson /Drums

Athena Chappell /Vocals

RIP Keith Hinshaw /Guitar, Vocals

Scott Bray /Keys, Vocals


Jimi Moore at Aerospace Lounge

Jeff Zahnley /Keys, Vocals

Mike Saffron /Drums, Vocals

John "Little John" Pollizzi /Guitar, Vocals

Sonny Skaggs /Guitar, Vocals

Andy Orlando /Vocals

Jim Cook /Keys, Vocals

Mike Herbert /Guitar, Vocals

Don Ryan /Drums, Vocals

Tim Buckley /Guitar, Vocals




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