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Bill Pierce /Guitar, Vocals

Bill Lenihan /Guitar, Vocals

Jay Hancock /Drums

Bob Reich /Bass, Vocals


I got an informative email from Bill Lenihan on 12/24/17:


Hello Greg,

I do have info on SweetLeaf.

The band played from about 1972-74 throughout STL at all the youth dances,

CYC events, battle of the bands, etc.

It was good young band with a big following in those days.


Bill Pierce went on to play with a few other bands.

Bill Lenihan became a professional musician, studio player, film composer,

then professor of music, working with many, many entertainers in show business, popular music and Jazz, in NY/LA, now Europe.

Bob Reich ended up working for the FBI, last I heard.

Jay Hancock relocated to the east coast, after many years of not playing, he took to the drums again.

Bob Muriel was not a part of the band but we knew him.

There was not a ‘GARY’ in the band.




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