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Gigi Foster Hogan  /Vocals

Robin Hogan /Guitar

Mike Carney /Drums

Mark Gauen /Guitar, Vocals

Randy Belling /Keys, Vocals

Mike Halfhill /Drums

Mark Hendrickson /Guitar, Vocals

Rob Hoover /Drums

Guy Browning /Bass, Vocals

RIP Benny Reeves /Guitar, Vocals

Todd Jones /Guitar, Vocals


Dave Raub /Bass, Vocals

Dave Fleishman /Bass

Jeff Padgett /Keys, Vocals

Ed Belling /Bass, Vocals

Mike Rose /Drums

RIP Jeff "Doc" Taylor /Keys, Vocals

Randy Blank /Keys

Kenny Goff /Drums

Dan Hoerle /Guitar

Leon Bugg /Drums


RIP Greg Forys /Sound Tech and Friend

Joey Grace /Sound and Lights

Scott Bone /Sound and Lights

Scott Fanning /Roadie and Lights






Here's an entire live Tales set at The Prairie Tug:
















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Thanks to Gigi and Mark for photos