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Roy Gill /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Bruce West /Guitar, Vocals

Pat Cluck /Bass, Vocals

RIP Michael Beal /Keys, Vocals

Greg Bishop /Drums, Vocals

Gordon Montgomery /Vocals

Steve Luck /Keys, Vocals

Mark DeLorenzo /Keys, Vocals

RIP Keith Davis /Bass, Vocals

Bob Tucker /Bass, Vocals

Jack Inglis /Keys, Vocals

Phil "Jamie" Fisher /Drums, Vocals

Tim Lokey /Vocals

Gary McClain /Keys, Vocal



RIP Greg Forys /Sound

Joe Culture /Sound

Ron "Pops" Cooper /Lights

"Roach" /Roadie

Joe Grace /Lights, Spot

Ronny Knuckles /Lights, Spot

Dave DeLorenzo /Roadie

John Jelenik /Sound

Brian Molla /Lights

Zak /Roadie












Trikshot original line-up: l to r; Bruce West, Pat Cluck, Greg Bishop, Mike Beal and Roy Gill





                     Roy Gill and Keith Davis (RIP)









Greg and Gordon

Mark DeLorenzo


Lightman "Rockin" Ronnie Knuckles


Roadie Ron "Pops" Cooper


Pat Cluck and Michael Beal @ Fat Cat's


Lightman Brian Molla





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