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Turn of the Century



Mike Stanford /Guitar, Sax, Vocals

RIP Tim Morse /Keys, Vocals

Pat McDermott /Drums

Chris Vaught /Bass, Vocals

Pat Malloy /Bass, Vocals

also pictured, Rusty Gilson /Bass, Vocals, but never played a gig






A great "road" story from Chris:

We were in Evansville, IN.  We were playing at the bar in the Ramada... biggest Hotel and biggest bar in town.  The Moody Blues were playing at the Roberts Stadium and were staying in the hotel.  After their show they came in and saw us play.  We ended the set with one of their songs.  As we walked off stage they asked to set in. Their bass player wasn't with them and they ask me to play bass.  We did Story in your Eyes and something else I don't remember what.  The keyboard player was from Yes (Not Wakeman) I think it was Patrick something???










...and it was indeed Patrick Moraz!




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