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We The People






Here's a link to Cam Spillman's "We the People" website:

There are many more great music clips there


George Stevens /Lead Vocals

John Saputo /Guitar, Sax

Dave Obergoenner /Bass

Johnny J. Gresko /Drums

Mark Bird /Guitar

Jim Cockerham /Trumpet

Tom Doney /Trumpet

Dave Tichacek /Sax, Vocals

Tom LoGrasso /Trombone

Cam Spillman /Trombone, Flute

Paul Ohlman /Keys, Vocals

Jim Stonebreaker /Guitar

Clancy Newell /Drums

Kevin Rauscher /Trumpet

Thomas Perry /Trumpet

Dan Redeffer /Sax


Here's a radio spot for We The People:

Bob Kuban's Lounge



Here's a cover of a tune by 70's fusion group Dreams:

New York





Here's a cut from their unreleased album, "Up Against the Wall of Brass":

Gotchback (Gotta Keep it Free)





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Thanks to Cam Spillman and Dave Obergoenner for photos and recordings!